Atlantis Advances in Digitization Management
(ISSN: 2405-6359 (print); 2405-6367 (online))

Series editors:

Dr. Jun Xu
Business School
Southern Cross University

Dr Chad Lin
Faculty of Health Sciences
Curtin University

In today's society digitization plays an essential part in the way we live, work and conduct our business. In line with the potential opportunities and the rapid development of digitization, facilitated by the dramatic advancements in digital technologies, extensively connected networks, and wider adoption of computing devices (especially mobile devices), more and more organizations are realizing the strategic importance of digitization. New opportunities include sustainable growth and competitive advantages. Organizations are increasingly embarking on managing their enterprise digitally.

This book series on digitization management covers various areas of digitization management, and it aims to:

  • Promote the development and improvement of the theory and practice of digitization management across the globe
  • Cover issues, ideas and trends of digitization management in both developed and developing economies
  • Disseminate research relating to digitization management
  • Promote best practices of digitization management
  • Provide a forum for exchange of information and ideas among researchers and practitioners interested in digitization management

The book series covers various areas of digitization management, topics may be included in the series consist of, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Strategy and Management: Business Models, Enterprise Management, Innovation Management, Strategy Planning and Implementation, Governance, Skills & Talent Management, Asset Management, Security, Privacy and other Issues
  • Technological Infrastructure: Technologies, Networks, Applications, Systems, Big Data and Analytics, Cloud Computing, Mobile Computing, Social Computing
  • Business Processes and Key Business Activities: Retailing, Manufacturing, Warehousing and Logistics, Business-to-Business Transaction and Relation, Collaboration, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management
  • Business Support Services: Payment Systems, Marketing and Advertising, Human Resources, IS/IT Function/Department
  • Digital Services and Digital Platforms: Government, Health Services, Education, Society and Local Community, Home, Publishing, Entertainment, Search Engines, Portals, Exchanges, Consumer to Consumer Sites, Peer-to-Peer Networks, Social Networks and Virtual Communities.

The AADM bookseries accepts research monographs and edited books as well as short (75-150 pages) state-of-the-art works.

All book proposals submitted to the series will be reviewed by the series editor. After the book has been completed, it will be entirely reviewed by one dedicated editor. Only after this review will the book will be published.

Publishing information
The series aims at publishing original research books. We aim at offering a fast turnaround time so that the books in this series will be published in a timely manner. Also, the books will be reasonably priced, allowing them to be bought not only by institutional buyers but also by interested individuals, thus exposing the books to the widest possible audience.

All books in this series are promoted, distributed and sold by our partner Springer, both as e-books and in print. The books are also part of SpringerLink and included in the relevant Springer subject collections.

The book series as a whole has as an ISSN-number, where each individual volume will have its own ISBN-number.

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If you wish to propose a new book for this series, please fill out the book proposal form and send it to one of the two series editors.

Volumes published
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