Atlantis Briefs in Differential Equations
(ISSN: 2211-2405-6413 (online), 2405-6405(print))

Aims and Scope

The aim of the series is rapid dissemination of new results and original methods in the theory of Differential Equations, including topics not yet covered by standard monographs. The series features compact volumes of 75 - 200 pages, written in a concise, clear way and going directly to the point; the introductory material should be restricted to a minimum or covered by suitable references

All proposals submitted to this series will be handled by one of the Series Editors. Upon receipt of the manuscript, the entire monograph will be reviewed by an expert referee.

We aim for publication 8-12 weeks after acceptance.

Publishing information

The briefs will be reasonably priced, allowing them to be bought not only by institutional buyers but also by interested individuals, thus exposing them to the widest possible audience.

All briefs published of this series are promoted, distributed and sold by Springer, both as e-books and in print. The briefs are also part of SpringerLink and included in the relevant Springer subject collections.

This series as a whole has as an ISSN-number, where each individual volume will have its own ISBN-number.

Atlantis Press adheres to the principles of Creative Commons, meaning that we do not claim copyright of the work we publish. We only ask people using one of our publications to respect the integrity of the work and to refer to the original location, title and author(s).

See here for more details on the Atlantis Press publishing policy.

Series editors

Professor Zuzana Dosla
Faculty of Science
Masaryk University
Kotlarska 2
611 37 Brno
Czech Republic

Professor Sarka Necasova
Institute of Mathematics
Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Zitna 25
Prague 1, 11567
Czech Republic

Professor Milan Pokorny
Mathematical Institute of Charles University
Sokolovska 83
186 75 Praha 8
Czech Republic

If you wish to propose a new brief for this series, please fill out the book proposal form.


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