Atlantis Computational Intelligence Systems
(ISSN: 1875-7650)

Series editors:

Prof. Dr Jie Lu
Centre for Quantum Computation & Intelligent Systems,
Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology,
University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

Prof. Javier Montero
Faculty of Mathematics
Complutense University
Madrid 28040 (Spain)


The book series Atlantis Computational Intelligence Systems aims at covering state-of-the-art research and development in all fields where computational intelligence is investigated and applied. The series seeks to publish monographs and edited volumes on foundations and new developments in the field of computational intelligence, including fundamental and applied research as well as work describing new, emerging technologies originating from computational intelligence research. Applied CI research may range from CI applications in the industry to research projects in the life sciences, including research in biology, physics, chemistry and the neurosciences.

ACIS accepts research monographs and editoed books as well as short (75-150 pages) state-of-the-art works covering one of the ACIS subfields.

All book proposals submitted to the ACIS series will be reviewed by the series editor. After the book has been completed, it will be entirely reviewed by one dedicated editor. Only after this review will the book will be published.

Publishing information
The series aims at publishing original research books. We aim at offering a fast turnaround time so that the books in this series will be published in a timely manner. Also, the books will be reasonably priced, allowing them to be bought not only by institutional buyers but also by interested individuals, thus exposing the books to the widest possible audience.

All books published after November 2010 are promoted, distributed and sold by Springer, both as e-books and in print. The books are also part of SpringerLink and included in the relevant Springer subject collections.

The ACIS-series as a whole has as an ISSN-number, where each individual volume will have its own ISBN-number.

Atlantis Press adheres to the principles of Creative Commons, meaning that we do not claim copyright of the work we publish. We only ask people using one of our publications to respect the integrity of the work and to refer to the original location, title and author(s).

See here for more details on the Atlantis Press publishing policy.

If you wish to propose a new book for this series, please fill out the book proposal form and send it to one of the editors.

Volumes published
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