Atlantis Studies in Humanoid and Social Robotics

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Series editor: Prof. Catherine Pelachaud, CNRS - LTCI, TELECOM-ParisTech, France


  • Prof. Lola Canamero (University of Hertfordshire, UK)
  • Dr. Takayuki Kanda (ATR Intelligent Robotics and Communication Laboratories, Japan)

This book series aims at covering state-of-the-art research and developments in the field of humanoid and social robotics. The series covers all subjects on the mind and body of humanoid robots and  virtual humanoids. The series is dedicated to advancing new theories, new techniques, and new implementations contributing to the successful achievement of future robots which not only imitate human beings, but also serve human beings. Humanoid robots are interacting with humans to chat, perform tasks, be a companion, etc. They need to be endowed with capabilities such as showing emotions, be engaged in the interaction, remembering human's preferences. To be a social interactant, they must take into account their role, their interactants and the socio-cultural setting of the interaction. This book series is also interested in contributions related to emotion, engagement, social behaviors, expressive behaviours.

Relevant topics for this series include: human-robot interaction, multimodal behaviours, emotion, physical and social awareness, personality, interaction capabilities. Machine learning and adaptation in human-robot interactions, ethical issues related to robot autonomy and acceptability of interactive robotics systems as well as case studies and applications.

All book proposals submitted to this series will be reviewed by the series editor. After the book has been completed, it will be reviewed in its entirety by one dedicated editor. Only after this review will the book be published.

Publishing information
The series aims at publishing original research books. We aim at offering a fast turnaround time so that the books in this series will be published in a timely manner. Furthermore, the books will be reasonably priced, allowing them to be bought not only by institutional buyers but also by interested individuals, thus exposing the books to the widest possible audience.

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